All recordings on this page, unless otherwise labeled, are simple composer demos recorded by Michael Radi.

The Songs

act 1


A full court celebration of Henry's 36th birthday. Henry laments his responsibilities and drunkenly decides to joust his friend, Thomas Knyvett. Full Ensemble.


Severely injured in an accident during the joust, Henry vows to obtain a male heir for the stability of England. Henry solo.

Video Featuring: Josh Davis

Video Featuring: Josh Davis

Video Featuring Gregory Mahue


Young Elizabeth defies her father's wishes and continues her "masculine" habit of climbing everything she sees. Young Elizabeth solo.

"My Own Tomorrow"

Anne Boleyn arrives at court and is prompted by her sister, Mary Boleyn, for the details of her previous engagement. Anne vows to defy the wishes of the men surrounding her and gain control over her own life. Anne Boleyn & Mary Boleyn.

Video Featuring: Jackie Burns

Video Featuring: Jackie Burns

"I Was Free"

Shaken by a recent nightmare and what it may portend, Henry describes the dream to Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas More and commands they look into getting him a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. Henry, Cardinal Wolsey, & Thomas More.

"Pageant and Masque"

Henry takes part in the annual pageant and masked ball. Upon his request, Henry's friends have made certain to pair him with Anne Boleyn, who has piqued his interest. Instrumental.

"I See"

Catherine of Aragon, having witnessed Henry's public flirtation with Anne Boleyn, makes a decision to fight for her husband. Catherine of Aragon solo.

Video Featuring: Jacque Carnahan

Video Featuring: Jacque Carnahan

"Mistress Anne"

Encouraged by a confrontation with Catherine of Aragon and determined to be in control of her own destiny, Anne begins to pursue Henry through a variety of tactics. Three ladies of the court narrate and comment as they watch Henry and Anne begin to fall for one another, while within full view of the Queen and the Court. Player 5, Player 6 & Player 7.

"What Do You Think?"

Having spent more time with Anne, who introduced him to a Protestant solution for his divorce, Henry seeks advice from his councilors (Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas More) and his low-born friends (William Compton and Thomas Knyvett). Both pairs of characters are played by the same two players, and slight chaos ensues. Henry, Player 2, & Player 3.

"Reigning Over My Kingdom"

After pondering the predicaments of his growing feelings for Anne and his potential divorce, Henry gives in to his desires. Anne and Henry joyously display their affections for one another in the gardens. Henry & Anne Boleyn.

"My Darling"

A door comedy in which Henry's fifth wife, the seventeen year old Catherine Howard, juggles an affair with one of the king's privy gentlemen with an attempt to keep an older Henry's affections at bay. Henry, Catherine Howard, & Thomas Culpeper.


Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas More attempt to soothe Henry, who is livid over the Pope's continued attempts to stall his annulment. Henry, Cardinal Wolsey, & Thomas More.


Henry's patience finally reaches a breaking point, resulting in the banishment of both Cardinal Wolsey and Catherine of Aragon from the court. Henry solo.

"Mary, Remember"

Upon being sent from the court, Catherine of Aragon writes a letter to Mary, her daughter with Henry, encouraging her to continue fighting for her birthright. Catherine of Aragon solo.

"At The Rise"

The court and country prepare for the dawning of a new era in England as Henry and Anne are wed. Full Ensemble.


act 2

"Our Son"

William Compton and Thomas Knyvett celebrate the imminent arrival of Anne's (supposed) son with other low-born subjects at the local tavern, led by the barmaid, Betty Hancock. Betty Hancock, William Compton, & Thomas Knyvett.

"A Tudor Rose"

Anne Boleyn gives birth to baby Elizabeth, instead of a son, and sings of her great promise and future, supported by the adult Elizabeth and the women of the ensemble. Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth, & the Women.

"The Sounds Of Spring"

A three-part, English Renaissance-style madrigal. Player 2, Player 3, & Player 6.


Following the death of Catherine of Aragon, Mary vows out of anger to claim her rights as the heir to the throne. Henry and Anne disintegrate into argument after Anne's second miscarriage, both threatening the other to get their way. William Compton and Thomas Knyvett observe the chaos and warn Henry of the potential consequences of any actions against Anne. Henry, Anne Boleyn, Mary, William Compton, & Thomas Knyvett.

"The King's Legacy"

Almost a decade after being banished from court by Henry, William Compton and Thomas Knyvett drunkenly eviscerate Henry's reign and legacy with the truths of his decisions. William Compton & Thomas Knyvett.

"Reigning Over My Kingdom (Reprise)"

Elizabeth reaches out to her dying father, who expresses his deep desire for an intact family and a strong heir. Henry & Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth's Right"

Elizabeth realizes that, due to the weaknesses of her siblings, she will most likely become queen. Elizabeth solo.

"A Queen Of England"

As Anne Boleyn is led to the scaffold for beheading, she laments her fate as an ambitious woman in a male-dominated world. Anne is joined by the spirits of the other three wives who died during Henry's reign as a direct result of his actions. Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour, & Catherine Howard.

Video Featuring: Betsy Struxness, Jacque Carnahan, Jillian Louis, Teal Wicks

Video Featuring: Betsy Struxness, Jacque Carnahan, Jillian Louis, Teal Wicks

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"England Forever"

The Players sing this anthem in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. Full Ensemble.

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