The Central Family



(King Henry VIII) He is a young, strong, commanding leader. Henry is loyal, proud, and egotistical, but has a great capacity to love. He is obsessed with obtaining a son.


Catherine of Aragon

Daughter of Isabelle and Ferdinand of Spain, and Henry’s first wife. Catherine is the epitome of a royal figure. She loves Henry greatly and cares deeply for the English people. Mother of Mary.



(Queen Mary I) Daughter of Henry and Catherine of Aragon. Proud, headstrong, and fully believes the crown is her birthright. She becomes resentful of not being named Henry’s direct heir.


Anne Boleyn

Young, beautiful, manipulative, and headstrong. She has genuine feelings for Henry, but an equal desire for control over her own life. Anne will sacrifice whatever she needs to in order to obtain what she desires.



(Queen Elizabeth I) Daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn. Adept at reading the atmosphere around her and responding accordingly. Extremely bright and always ready to learn. In the end, she becomes the great monarchical legacy that Henry always wanted.


Young Elizabeth

Played at two young ages. Precocious, curious, and loving. Always ready to learn.

Mary Boleyn - Sister to Anne Boleyn. She has an affair with Henry prior to Anne’s arrival at court and introduces Anne to Catherine of Aragon.


The Royal Council


Cardinal Wolsey - The head of religious matters in England, as well as the King’s Council, and Henry’s main advisor. He loves Henry and will serve him above all else at whatever cost, despite the consequences.

Thomas More - Henry’s religious mentor, great personal friend, and advisor. He adheres strictly to the doctrines of the Catholic church and sacrifices everything to defend it. He does as Henry asks, but has his limits.


The Low-Born


William Compton - A low-born friend of Henry’s, who fought with him in France and was given a title. Light-hearted, warm, a little cautious. The caretaker of the friends.

Thomas Knyvett - A low-born friend of Henry’s, who fought with him in France and was given a title. Rough, feisty, masculine. Always ready with a bawdy joke and a drink.

Betty Hancock - The barmaid of the local tavern. Crass, but caring. Believes life should always be a party.


The Later Wives


the players of "the king's legacy"

As written, the musical is meant to be performed by 8 adults (5 women and 3 men) and 1 young girl, playing 20 roles. Below is the structured breakdown of the performers by character:

PLAYER 1 - Henry: (male) mid-late 30’s (Bari-Tenor: F#2 – A4)

PLAYER 2 - Cardinal Wolsey, Thomas Knyvett:  (male) mid-late 30’s (Bari-tenor: F#2 – G4)

PLAYER 3 - Thomas More, William Compton, Culpeper: (male) late 20’s/early 30’s (Bari-tenor: F#2 – G#4)

PLAYER 4 - Anne Boleyn: (female) early-mid 20’s (Mezzo-Soprano/Belter: G3 – F5)

PLAYER 5 - Elizabeth, Mary Boleyn, Lady 1: (female) early-mid 20’s (Mezzo-Soprano: G3 – D#5)

PLAYER 6 - Mary, Anne Of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Lady 2: (female) early-mid 20’s (Mezzo-Soprano/Soprano: F#3 – A#5)

PLAYER 7 - Jane Seymour, Catherine Parr, Lady 3, Frank: (female) early-mid 30’s (Alto/Mezzo-Soprano: F3 – E5)

PLAYER 8 - Catherine Of Aragon, Betty Hancock: (female) early-mid 20’s (Mezzo-Soprano/Soprano: G3 – F5)

PLAYER 9 - Young Elizabeth: (female) must be able to read a malleable range of 6-12 (Mezzo-Soprano: Bb3 – Eb5)